LED Interior Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are changing the way that vehicle interior lighting is being used. Gone are the days of dull incandescent interior lamps or expensive LED interior dome lamps that cost a small fortune. The LED strip lights from ImpactLED create a flood of light from an exceptionally low profile body while drawing very little current.

The flexible strip lights are available in 30cm and 60cm lengths. They use a stong adhesive backing for use on many surfaces and can even be used around corners, ideal for the interior of caravans, vehicle mounted tool boxes, 4x4, truck, bus and van interiors. All flexible strip lights can be interconnected to create greater lengths or cut short to suit without effecting the lamps ability to operate.

Thr rigid strip lights are available in 50cm and 100cm lengths. The use of an extruded aluminium body provides heat dissipation, and allows the LED's to be driven harder without heat causing premature failure. This leads to an outstanding amount of light being produced from such a slim lamp. The fully sealed nature of the strip lights allow for them to be used anywhere on vehicle interiors or exteriors. Some customers have even used them as outdoor patio lighting!