Motorcycle Brake Discs

Stopp brake discs cover a comprehensive range of over 5000 road and off road motorcycles from way back in 1980 up to the latest models. The Stopp range includes brake pads for dirt bikes from little 2 bangers through to adventure bikes. Caliper extension brackets and oversize discs for your oversize/supermotard front disc conversion are also available.


Stopp brake discs are manufactured using 420 stainless steel with added carbon content to ensure excellent braking performance and durability.

 All Stopp floating brake discs feaure quality 7075 alloy carriers. The choice of 7075 alloy delivers superior strength while allowing for high quality anodisation and low weight. All rivets/buttons used on Stopp floating brake discs are stainless steel. Using high quality metals and machining ensures that Stopp brake discs offer excellent stopping power for both road and off road bikes. The slotted wave design allows for better water dispersal in the wet, heat dissipation and ensures a more even wear as opposed to drilling which can often lead to a rippled effect across the surface of the disc.All discs carry the required minimum thickness markings essential for road registration. All Stopp Motorcycle brake discs are backed by a 24 month warranty*. 


New brake pads are recommended when installing your new Stopp brake discs. A proper bedding in process as prescribed by your pad manufacturer is recommended after installing Stopp brake discs.

320mm Oversize Blue Disc with silver TRS084 bracket for Suzuki DRZ400
25% OFF RRP AU$299.00
320mm Oversize Disc with silver TRS084 bracket for Suzuki DRZ400
25% OFF RRP AU$299.00