LED Warning Lights

These superior LED Waring lights from ImpactLED can be used in any application that currently uses a traditional strobe or rotating beacon. The ability to change the flash pattern from a single flash, quad flash or rotating pattern makes these LED warning lights far more versatile and cost effective. Unlike strobe lights, they do not require expensive flash tubes to be replaced. Unlike rotating beacons, they do not use halogen globes or moving parts, so they not only last longer, but LED flashing beacons draw a lot less current.

Because the ImpactLED range can replace strobe lights or rotating beacons, they can be used for forklifts, earth moving machinery, trucks, long loads, pilot vehicles, ride on mowers, 4x4's and more.

With the use of LED, they are impervious to shock and vibration, something that reguarly effects strobes and rotating beacons. The ImpactLED range is fully sealed with Denko breather valves, pre-wired with double insulated cable, manufactured with polycarbonate lenses, and come supplied with a spring return switch that allows easy changing of the flash pattern.

Large LED Warning Light, 9-33V, Magnetic Base with Cig Lighter Plug in Plain box
3% OFF RRP AU$186.95
Class 1 Large LED Warning Light, 9-33V, bolt mount in plain box
3% OFF RRP AU$164.95
Large LED Warning Light 9-33V, DIN Plug Pole mount in plain box. Quad flash only
6% OFF RRP AU$170.45
LED Warning Light, 9-33V, 8 Pce Magnetic Base with Cig Lighter Plug in ImpactLED box. 143mm dia x 94mm high
17% OFF RRP AU$131.95