Bicycle Lights

Bicycle lights come in 2 distinct types, 'to see', and to 'be seen'. Lights which are used to help you to 'be seen' by other riders, cars, trucks, and pedestrians increase your visibility, giving others a better opportunity to give way, or make way, as you approach, or as they approach you.

Lights which allow you 'to see' at night, or before dawn, require a lot more output, and a lot more battery power. Fortunately, progress in the area of LED lights mean that both types of bike light are well catered for today. LEDs provide much higher efficiency than older halogen lights, and can run for much longer, or much brighter, or both!

Our LED lights use the latest CREE LED chipsets and Samsung Lithium Ion cells to provide market leading light outputs among any lights on the market. We chose Xeccon lights for the same reason many 24 hour enduance riders have, for their durability, performance, and reputation. 

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