Stopp motorcycle discs are manufactured in Taiwan and China to European standards. Don't be concerned about the quality, most likely the computer or phone you are reading this on was made in China or Taiwan too. We have many customers using Stopp rotors and the WA Stuntors use them on their stunt bikes. Many competitive brake discs may look the same but buyer beware. They may look the same but the quality varies a great deal. Many do not have any carbon content so the braking ability is poor, some have too much so they rust quickly, some use case steel carriers making them heavy while others have not been ground post production and therefore vary in thickness and create a heavy pulsing when braking. Stopp staff are very involved with the manufacturing process and quality assurance. We also offer full follow up support and have recently introduced a 24 month warranty to support our claims. Our motorcycle brake discs are available for all the popular brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW, KTM, Husaberg, Aprilia, and many more.